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Featured Car Lifts

SG-7000 - The #1 Selling Car Lift, Nationwide.

SG-7000 - The #1 Selling Car Lift, Nationwide

The SG-7000 auto lift has been the #1 choice of hobbiest nationwide for years. It is the standard of the industry. It has the widest drive thru and tallest standard lifting height of any major brand. Made in the USA.

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GR-9 - 9,000 lb Capacity Floorplate Model Auto Lift

GR-9 - 9,000 lb Capacity Floorplate Model Auto Lift

"Shorty" is perfect for garages with lower ceilings. the compact floor plate hugs the ground and conceals equalization cables and hose. The open top also makes it perfect for lifting tall vehicles.

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IS-7000 - Our Economy Four Post Car Lift.

IS-7000 - Economy Four Post Car Lift

The IS-7000 is our economy class auto lift. But the low price doesn't mean low quality. Compare the SJ-7000 with any of our competitor's lifts -- we're positive you'll be impressed.

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Perfect Park 7000

Perfect Park 7000 - The Perfect Park is the safest parking lift available

The Perfect Park is the safest parking lift available. With internal locks, pulleys and cables, there are no pinch points outside the columns. The slider blocks are twice the size of any other lift and the approach ramps are longer for lower vehicles.

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Black Max and Red Max now Available!

Made in the USA Black Max & Red Max Four Post Car Lift

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A LOW-COST HIGH-QUALITY AMERICAN MADE LIFT--YOU HAVE FOUND IT!!! Compare our USA MADE RadLiftsByGemini Black Max and Red Max car lifts. This is not a cheap & unsafe Chinese import car lift.

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SW-50 - 50 Gallon Spray Washer.

Spray Washer

We have more than car lifts. The SW-50 is our mid-size spray washer. The inside height is 43", turntable diameter is 30", and the load capacity is 50 gallons. All of our parts washers feature simple operating controls. Everything about these cabinets is designed to provide you with years of easy parts washing.

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ML-1000 - A "Must Have" For Any Motorcycle Enthusiast.

Motorcycle Lift

Nearly any make and model motorcycle will comfortably fit on the ML-1000 motorcycle lift. The optional front and side extensions extend the lift to fit choppers, three wheelers and ATVs. The lift comes standard with a front wheel clamp and rear approach ramp. Add the diamond plated ramp to really turn your lift into a trophy stand for your bike.

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SP-4 - 4,000 lb Capacity Single Post Auto Lift

Single Post Car Lift

Our single post car lifts are perfect for cars and small trucks. The SP-4 has a 4,000 lb lifting capacity and single post design that make it a great option when you need an auto lift for storage or maintenance but have limited floor space.

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Razor Trailer Lift(aka Stacker Lift)

Trailer Lift - Stacker Lift

Our new razor-thin column design maxmizes between post clearance. The Razor Trailer Lift is available in 4,000 and 6,000 lb models.

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Super Twin

Super Twin Double Car Lift

The all new Super Twin car lift is perfect for doubling the space of your two car garage Because of the free span you (and your wife) won't have to deal with the obstruction of a center post when driving into your garage.

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